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About him

Ajani Johnson Goffe is a talented dancer and choreographer born and raised in the UK. He began his dance career in various community street dance groups and youth programs such as Exposure, Ricochet, Definitives, and Avant Garde Youth, Ajani Studied at The Brit School for Performing Arts and later at London Contemporary Dance School earning a 1st BA Hons degree in contemporary dance.


He continued to hone his skills by performing with companies such as Avant Garde Dance, Richard Alston Dance Company, Riverdance, Boy Blue, and ZooNation in theatres and festivals around the world, gaining recognition for his unique style, combining classical technique with contemporary & Hip Hop elements.


As a choreographer, Ajani has created numerous works showcasing his years of training and mastery in movement as well as his ability to take the audience on a visual and auditory experience.

His aim for this website is to create a place all things Ajani. what he is up to, what he has been up to and what he will be doing/where you can find him. he is also looking into having a space on here where you can learn from him, so stay tuned for upcoming tutorials.

A body shot of Ajani
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